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Apocalypse of Eden
Title: Apocalypse of Eden
Year: 2013
Duration: 4'00"
Composer: Travis Damato, music composition undergraduate student at the University of Tampa
Music performed by: The University of Tampa Wind Ensemble
Conductor: Dr. Jeffrey Traster
Video by: Santiago Echeverry
Technique: Kinect / Processing 2.0
Type: Video Art / Live Performance

Apocalypse of Eden was inspired by the Book of Revelations and the visions of John writing warning letters to the seven churches of Asia, while he is on a prison island called Patmos. In the video John is overwhelmed by these chaotic visions of an almost certain future that we can only experience as layered pixelated images of angels and humans. The video was created to accompany Travis Damato's musical composition using the Kinect Sensor and Processing to generate the frames.

The excerpt used in this piece is the first movement of a 5 chapters suite, and it acts as a prelude to the upcoming musical interpretations.

Live Premiere at "Sound and Vision", music inspired by visual art on Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at the University of Tampa