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Con Game
Writing, Directing and Research: Bruce Benderson
Design, Photography and Programming: Santiago Echeverry
Year: 1998
Type: Interactive Narration / Net Art

CON GAME is a memorial to the Times Square melting pot of peepshows and hustlers, before Mayor Giuliani banished the banjee boy to the boroughs or locked him up at Rikers' Island in the 1990's.

[ Para una versión en español en haga click aquí ]

Casio will be glad to be your guide. Just, don't be had...

Times Square Theater Photography © Addison Thompson 1998

Cartoons © Jean-Philippe Vidon 1998

Earlier versions of CON GAME appeared in Exotic, Instant Classics,
and the D.T.V. book The Worst Place in New York (Le Pire Endroit de New York).