HOUSE OF TUPAMARAS - BOGUE Title: BOGUE (Bogota Voguing Bogotá)
World Premiere: Connect Videoart Festival Tampa, FL, 10/23/2019
Year: 2019
Duration: 3'30"
Performance and Choreography: The House of Tupamaras @houseoftupamaras
Music: Patty E. Patétik
Producer: Jaime H. Arboleda R. @restrepo_beto
Thanks: Corporación BDSM Colombia
Production and shooting location: Bogota, Colombia
Vimeo (English Subtitles):
YouTube (English subtitles):

Baretamara @da_azuladx
Cobra Tamara @me.alejo
Honey Vergony @honeyvergony
Lady Hunter @ladyhunter__
Laika Tamara @laikatamarahot
Jona Tamara @lxjona_tamara
Pvssy Divx @pvssydivx
Roxy Tamara @andres.nash

The House of Tupamaras is a group of Voguing performers based in Bogota, Colombia. They are professionally trained dancers that chose to break from the norm and explore the queerness of their bodies and their everyday self-expressions to turn their art form into a political tool, questioning the double standards of Colombian society. They create impromptu happenings, choreographed dances, kiki balls, etc., and have performed on stage with renowned groups such as Pussy Riot, among others. This series of prints and videos seeks to capture the Tupamaras' attitude, athletic musculature, and spunky personalities. The series of volumetric portraits, that isolate spatially the dancers and create a baroque-like atmosphere, are captured in real time with the Kinect sensor, using custom Java code in Processing 3.0, written by the artist. Photoshop is used for color correction and sizing purposes, without any additional filters. Each individual image, captured in HD at 12 to 16 frames per second, composes longer animated still frame sequences, that are consequently edited into the experimental video component of the series, BOGUE. Seeing Voguing as a dance duel, the original music mixes the sounds of two very famous scenes of Latino soap operas, that portray exaggerated - but absurd - female fights.

Captured in real time with the Kinect volumetric sensor, and Processing 3.0,. Edited with After Effects and Premiere.

Amsterdam World International Film Festival 2020 New York Tri State International Film Festival 2021 Madrid International Short Film Festival Honorable Mention 2022 Seoul International Film Festival 2021 FILMOPTICO International Visual and Film Festival 2021

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